Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Melvin Rose

This pattern was originally designed over 10 years ago when fishing lough Melvin.
Francy McGorty of the owner of Melvin house near Garrison asked for a fly to be designed the night we were staying and this was created, with no name we decided to christen it the Melvin Rose after Francy.
This around June time and it worked fantastic in the deeps for the Sonaghan as it turned out to be a fantastic Daphnia pattern.
This version has been tweeked, instead of the usual english partridge we substituted it for the flo yellow french partridge and the pattern still worked well on the loughs.
For anyone wanting to tie this up here is the recipe.

THREAD- red danvilles 7/0
HOOK- size 10 med wt wet hook
TAIL- sunburst pheasant tail
RIB- gold wire
BODY- banana glister
BODY HACKLE- sunburst hackle
UNDER HACKLE- flo orange hackle
OVER HACKLE- flo yellow french partridge

Sunday, 14 September 2014

More of the Pseudo hackle

Last week saw a friend of mine come over to Ireland to have a weeks fly tying tuition and fishing.
As you may know conditions have been bad with very little rain and the rivers not fishing much.

But we managed to get a few fish on the new patterns tied with the Pseudo hackle.
hopefully Adam will be trying these out for grayling this year and i wait to get the results back.

Reports have been coming back that the Pink Pseudo patterns have worked well for the sea trout so production has started on the patterns and will be on the web site next week.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Irish Lough Flies

The interest in traditional Irish patterns has seen a big revival this year for the Irish loughs,the Inland fisheries board will be doing articles on these this year.
Fly tying classes this year at Finneys flies will be starting at the end of September and traditional flies will be the main feature for these classes with some new designs using the Pseudo hackle.
Classes will be every night  Monday to Friday7 pm to 9pm
Maximum number of students for night is three.
cost per evening is £20.00 per head.
All tools and materials supplied  all flies tied are kept by the students free.
Any one wishing to join the classes should contact 
Lawrence Finney on
e mail lawrence.finney@btinternet
Here are some patterns the students will learn to tie.